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Customizing your school requirements with the help of our Settings Feature!

At Illumine we understand the need of the schools and the importance to customise the application according to their needs and curriculum followed by them. With the help of settings feature you can now design the application according to your needs and usage. Find out the below features in setting tab and its importance. Step…

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Miscellaneous settings in Illumine

Find out different features and usage of Miscellaneous setting feature in Illumine. Attendance mode – If you select this feature you can just mark students present/ absent without recording their check-in and check out time. You can also see Present & Absent students on your Attendance card on your home page. Late Attendance Check: If…

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Daily Reports for Childcare

Don’t want to send parents individual updates? Through daily reporting, you can design your structure/template of activities and share all activities in one go. Let’s find out how to do the same. First Create Daily reports template: Step 1: Click on settings from menu button. Step 2: Click on Daily Reports Templates. Step 3: Select…

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