Back to (Pre) School: Restarting Your Child Care Center During COVID-19


The coronavirus outbreak has led childcare centers worldwide to shut down to avoid the spread of the disease. The virus affected everyone’s lives, and to maintain social distancing, parents have been working from home, and the children are undergoing online classes. But now, as the world is trying to adapt to the new normal, with the face masks and social distancing norms, childcare centers are also reopening just like other workplaces.

Parents planning to rejoin offices physically are in need of child care centers. After weighing the risks and advantages of a child care center, parents will finalize the best center for their little ones. Given the Government’s regulations on reopening, the child care center owners can start their centers after taking necessary precautions.

Need to Restart Childcare Centers During COVID-19

Child care center closure in the U.S. left many parents to work from home and take care of their children. At the same time, many center owners started struggling financially as the pandemic went on. A lot of working families complain that they are struggling between their work duties and parenting.

Child care is a chief concern for working families in the U.S. The pandemic’s effect on child care centers is also impacting the children who were earlier relying on these centers for their emotional, physical, and mental development. According to a study, around 60% of children in the U.S. under five years of age depended on the child care centers for their development. Child care has become a sole source for many families that enables them to “get to work”. There is an extreme need to reopen child care centers; otherwise, many families, especially women, will have to leave their jobs to supervise their kids at home.

Digitization in the COVID-19 Scenario: How can it Help?

As the pandemic continues, the responsibilities of the child care center owners have increased. They need to be more careful in keeping the schools safe and disinfected. The workload has increased and their priorities in the center are taking care of students. In such a case, childcare software can help the center owners to automate most of their tasks.

A childcare management software enables contactless activities including daily reports, developmental observations, attendance, etc. If you are one of the child care center owners who struggles a lot in maintaining scattered files, paper checks, etc., apps like Illumine are a single solution to all your worries.

Illumine – Helping in the New Normal

This childcare software is built after considering COVID-19 centric features that will increase parents’ engagement by receiving real-time notifications about their children’s activities. This software automates most of your paperwork and provides a communication platform with parents to ensure loyalty-building communications.

Features of the Childcare Software App



Parent communication

Staff management

Admission and waitlist

There are numerous childcare software claiming to provide the best features. We recommend you to take your time in analyzing which software best suits your childcare center especially during this time of the pandemic. Taking the right decision will solve most of your manual work and efficiently handle your job.

If you are interested in checking how Illumine’s efficient capabilities can transform your daily activities at the childcare center, please request a demo at

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