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As the world is still adapting & coping with COVID-19 pandemic ,we’re sure we will find a way and rise once again and create a healthy and positive environment around us and with the little ones.
While organisations have made changes in their work routines & employees have started to Work from Home, our dynamic workforce at Illumine are also coming up with new solutions for existing & new clients during these quarantined times.

Keeping in mind the spread of COVID-19 and your preschool children spending more time at home with parents and when they are back to school keeping health & hygiene of your children in mind, we have come up with some great new features that will help you and your teachers to stay connected with parents and children can feel at school while being away from school.

Let’s have a look at our new features.

Share lesson Plan

With this feature sharing lesson plan with teachers and parents will become easier now.

Now you can share the lesson plan by clicking on Weekly Plan and click add lesson day wise, on different dates. You can select more than one lesson plan per day.

Teacher can now see the assigned lesson plan in Illumine application by pressing the top right three line option , once they click they will be see Lesson plan option among all others.

Parents will now be able to see the lesson plan for the given date, they can view what lessons/activities need to be done and once they are finished it can be marked done, They can also add comments by pressing the comment tab. Teachers will be notified once the activity is completed.

Now learning becomes easier and collaborative.

Keep Digital Medical Logs

Are you currently using a BMI card to keep records of your preschool children or not using anything at all . Illumine Digital Medical Log will help you and your teachers to keep a track of child health by recording their daily temperature, cough, cold etc.

You can add value what you wish to record like temperature, cough , running nose etc. You can choose the mandatory details for teachers to fill and not miss out on any important information.

Now you can use Medical log form and keep a healthy and happy environment in your preschool. 

Medical Notes

Through this feature it will become easy for parents to assign the recurring medical notes for a week and not updating everyday. This will remind teachers to set up reminder and keep it in their to do list.

Teachers can now set reminder by pressing the bell down and selecting the time. Once the task is done teacher can click on mark done and update the parents. Same can be repeated till the task is completed for given of dates.

Having such reminders and recurring features will help your parents and teachers save time and both of them will work in the same direction.

Enjoy using these new features and stay connected with parents and children when they are at home and away from school.

Let’s build together a learning environment at home and a happy and healthy environment for students once they are back to school.

Till then Stay Safe Stay Indoors

And dont forget,

Keep Illuminating !!!

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