Milestones and Students Assessment in Illumine

Illumine has designed the product in such a way that your school operations becomes easier, when all the features are in Illumine how can we forget the Assessment of the students.

Through our milestones and assessments, you can now assess the students, create milestones, and learning development areas age-wise and classwise. This assessment can be shared with parents as soft copy and you can now become a paper-free school

Let us see how you can use the milestones and assessments feature. This feature can be used in web portal.

Step 1: Sign in your account with web portal

Step 2: Click on Assessments from the menu options and you can now see Student Assessment & Milestones

Step 3: To have a structured assessment, you need to first create milestones for the assessments. Click on Milestones.

Step 4: Now click to create milestones or development learning areas click on ADD Development Area card.

Step 5: Add the details like Title, Short name, and Label. (Title will be the title of the topic like Language, short name will be Alphabets and Label will be age group). Click on Submit to save the topic.

Step 6: You Title will be added now you can add the milestones under the same area. Click on Add milestones next to the title and now you can add the learning areas for eg: Can recognize words from A to Z under Language title. You can add as many milestones you want under the Title. Click Submit after every milestone.

Step 7: You can create you own label as well (age group) for assessments. Click on Create Label card next to Add Development Area. You can mention the age group you wish to add eg. 2-3 years etc. This you can choose in Label option while adding Development Area.

Step 8: All information now will be automatically added in the Assessments page and now you can assess the students based on their age group and development areas

Click on Student Assessment under Assessment option in Menu bar.

Step 9: You can now see the students. Click on one child

Step 10: You can now see the child’s name and the development areas to be assessed.

Step 11: Click on the arrow downwards again the title and you can mark the assessment by choosing among the given options.

Step 12: You can either choose topic wise or mark the assessment in each milestone and change the markings accordingly

Step 13: Once the child is assessed you can Save the assessment by clicking on Save next to View portfolio. Click on Save and Name the assessment for eg: Term 1 Assessment.

Step 14: You can now view portfolio by click on the option and view the child portfolio. You can add additional Notes as well in Notes section in portfolio.

Step 15: You can view the saved assessment report of the child by clicking on Saved Assessment next to Save option in students assessment page. This helpful if the admin/ principal/ centre head want to review the student assessment.

You can now send these portfolios to parents and they can take get the print out of the report/assessments of the child during PTM.

This way you can keep records of all assessments of the students and can review and send it to other classes for records. Parents can also take print out and use for grade school submission purposes.

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