How to Start a Profitable Preschool: An ultimate Step-by-Step Guide

When operating a daycare, the startup costs for daycare and risks are low when compared to other businesses, while the opportunity for monetary and emotional rewards are high. A daycare plan if properly executed can help you breakeven within three years. Your success in opening a child care center will depend on careful management of the startup process from start to finish. This guide will explain exactly how to start your own daycare, from writing a business plan, marketing, ensuring quality services to the parent and choosing a location, to marketing, hiring, and managing your day-to-day operations.

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9 Must Have for a Preschool Management App

Isn’t it always better to have one single, simple platform for all your preschool operations and parent communication ? It’s high time that the childcare owners should switch to the newest preschool management apps, which are professional and super easy to use. A preschool management system must cover all the key aspects, be it- billing, enrollment,…

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What are the best learning apps for preschool kids?

There are many apps for children in the market. These apps are not only good in their content quality but also is a nice entertainment for toddlers and kids. Children do learn a lot from these apps in a fun way. There are many options for the parents too to choose from the variety of…

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Illumine: A Highlight of Illumine’s New Preschool App

Illumine is off to a great start with all customer, new and current. Our team has been working hard to make things easier for you via our new preschool & daycare app. Not only have we kept all our great features from the previous version, but we have also added a number of new features…

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Are Parents Whatsapp Groups Harming Your School?

There is a surprising recent trend in many schools in India to use WhatsApp groups to communicate with parents. Although free and easy to set up, it may be costing the school in numerous ways. School leaders need to consider the following implications before embracing this technological trend. Lack of control School leaders have little…

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