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What are the best learning apps for preschool kids?

There are many apps for children in the market. These apps are not only good in their content quality but also is a nice entertainment for toddlers and kids. Children do learn a lot from these apps in a fun way. There are many options for the parents too to choose from the variety of apps available for their kids. They can choose it based on what skills or values they want to inculcate in their child. Moreover, These apps can be chosen according to the location, language or subject too.

Out of many apps available for toddlers and kids, these six are my favorite:

  • Toddler Flashcards

It has 13 dialects to choose from. The kid learns the names of food, creature, things, etc using this app. This app produces both talking and creature sounds. Though choosing from this 13 dialect is enough but you can also opt for other 9 dialects by getting its paid version.

  • Laugh and learn — Shapes and Colours

It’s one of the interactive gaming apps. The kid just needs to tap away at the shapes popping up on the screen and the next one would come up. It is not very informative if you are looking for teaching anything more than the given shapes but it will surely keep the kid happily engaged for some time.

  • PBS Kids

If your kid is a little grown up and likes to choose which video to watch on her own, then this is the best app you can download. This app contains many videos to let the child choose from. As its a kids app it makes sure that they don’t get the option to choose something they shouldn’t watch.

  • Daily Vroom

This is one of the best apps I have come across when it comes to deciding the activities according to a child’s age. This app suggests age-appropriate learning exercises and tips for kids. The exercises are really fun and consist of various subjects, situations for different durations of the day. This lets the parents plan or randomly choose a tip at any time of the day. The tip includes information about what your child will learn from the activities suggested or given.

It works exactly like the childcare app ILLUMINE, which lets the teacher inform the parents instantaneously about their kid’s development activities in school and its outcomes or other benefits for them.

  • Nighty Night HD

This is a perfect intuitive book for bedtime. It is a fun app, where kids tap on the screen to turn off the lights of the various rooms to show it’s time for bed. The moment the light goes off the creatures in the room sleep. It is not exactly a reading app but it has its own cause and effect learning for toddlers.

  • Agnitus — Games for Learning

This activity app has lots of free games and activities for the kids. This app helps in maintaining a report of how the kid is performing in various games. The most interesting part is that it’s similar to the preschool management app- Illumine which gives you an overall report of your child’s performance, this fun app also gives you a report card mentioning the score obtained in the games played.

The parents shall look for these kinds of apps only as it delivers both learning and entertainment for the kids.