Have you ever been at work and wondered about what your child is doing at that moment in preschool? Sometimes, admiring the way they are playing or adoring their cute little mischieves is just so heart-warming. It’s only human to want to see our dear ones all the time & wanting to be there whenever they need especially if this is the first day of your child in preschool. So we do understand that parting with your child can be quite daunting for both you and your child.

“Parents are full of anxiety, apprehension, and doubts when they leave their children in a school. The best way to relieve them of their anxiety is to give them live access of the classroom. Many of the parents remain glued to the camera all day,” says Megha Agarwal, co-founder Tiny Stars Noida

The school advertisement brochures for preschools and daycares these days not only draw attention to facilities, teaching standards,curriculum and hygiene, but also the opportunity to watch their child live from their offices and homes. These parent engagement app also includes a child safety tracker, on-demand video and updates of their child’s activities . Parents are enthusiastically embracing schools with these facilities

Whether live streams offer added security, throw up greater security challenges or create more anxiety among parents is a tricky question. Megha Agarwal, who returned to the workplace after placing her one-year-old son at a creche, found herself perpetually torn between her desk and the live stream. “I was very anxious the first few days,” says Megha, who stayed glued over her cellphone watching her son for three straight hours until her heart digested the assurance that her son was in safe hands. It has been seven months, and Megha still looks at the webcam, but less frequently.

For the most part, parents love the little electronic eyeball but some educators point out that could be the start of helicopter parenting. They say that parents need to build a trust with the caregiver and not fall for the virtual form of helicopter parenting. The pros outweigh the cons in most cases.

Why parents prefers schools with live streaming access?

The child has never been away from the parents so far for so long and the fear of how he/she will cope up in a new environment is pretty dominant. Added to this is the fear whether he/she will settle well in the new environment independently with a whole lot of strangers.

Parents are also known to worry about whether the child is eating well especially if the pre-school provides food to students. Of course, amidst all of this the most important bit is their safety. With enough and more incidents coming to light from schools where student safety has been compromised, the fear is rightly justified

Why sharing CCTV access is a good idea apart from it relieving parents of their anxiety ?

  • It is a good measure for schools to claim about their school standards and also adds an accountability from their side. Though at times it can cause mixed reactions because parents may find some practices not so pleasing
  • Sharing live access is a great way to keep a check whether all the staff adher the practices recommended by the school.
  • With the rising cases of misconduct ,child abuses sharing cctv access ensures these unfortunate incident if happened then they never go unnoticed.

Some of the top school chains offering live streaming access

Schools realised the parental concerns and apprehensions. Over the time these reduces too once the child gets comfortable. But the research has shown that parents prefer to put their kids in schools which has a live streaming access for them. The modern chains realised that and now even smaller ones have started following it. Some of the schools who were the first movers in this were

  1. Klay Schools
  2. Learning curve preschools
  3. Happy Minds
  4. Kangaroo Kids
  5. Bubble Blue

Some of the modern childcare platforms like illumine app provides you with the live-streaming feature from pre-configured CCTV cameras from daycares & preschools.

  • It allows you to access the CCTV cameras and integrate it with your existing system. So you can view your child anytime you want.
  • The camera access automatically switches off once your child has checked-out of the child care premises.
  • There is an access control feature that restricts the CCTV camera view and makes it more child specific. The parents can view only their child.This responsibly upkeeps all the security measures.

The live streaming facility should be used responsibly and not as a tool for helicopter parenting. It is important that the child be given age appropriate independence. Some amount of push and pull, for example is common between children at that age. Unless you think there isn’t enough adult supervision, it is ok to allow the child to handle these interactions as against trying to unduly protect the child. It is their first step towards socialising and learning the ways of the world.

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