Run by IIT – ISB Alumni

Founders from IIT Bombay and Indian School of Business .
Supported by IIM-A Faculty, Prof. Sunil Handa’s Eklavya Education Foundation
Qualified Child-care professionals onboard

All Round Support

Operational Year Round, 8 am to 8 pm, Mon to Sat. Nutritious Meals, Open & Safe Premises, Live Updates, World Class Adult to Child Ratio and Happy Vibes Only!

Holistic & Practical Curriculum

1.Holistic Approach covering 5 Developmental Domains

2 .Right Value System – Independence, Empathy & Culture

3.Harvard Executive Skills

Trusted by the Best

Official Creche Partner to Top Corporates

About Sandbox

A child’s brain develops upto 90% in first 5 years. During these years, language, cognitive skills and other personality traits are determined. Hence, this stage of childhood is extremely important, whose value and importance can’t possibly be overstated.
Sandbox is on a mission to provide every child the love, attention, and scientifically accredited stimulation that they require for a solid foundation in this period. We envision a future where we partner with parents and empower every child with an enriching environment for holistic physical, mental and emotional growth to reach full expression and full potential.

  • Individual attention in a small-class setting
  • Positive learning environment for your child
  • Nutritious & Healthy food

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Our Classes

Preschool Integrated Daycare Programmes (Full Day / Half Day)

5 Months – 10 Years

Playgroup / Nursery Programme

18 Months – 4 Years

After School & Enrichment Programme

3 Years +

Ad-hoc / On Demand Daycare Programme

3 Years +

Nutritious & Healthy Food

  • Meals prepared in-house in Certified Kitchen
  • Nutritious Menu includes seasonal fruits & vegetables
  • Hygienic Eating Practices
  • Daily food updates and food menus are shared in advance

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Meet Our Teachers



Amruta is the backbone behind Sandbox Administration and Operations. She is Senior Corporate Administrator at Sandboxand part of Sandbox’s Core Management Team



Ranusmita is coordinator of our oldest Sandbox branch.She is a favourite teacher and is admired for her amazing inter-personal skills. A mother of 2, she keeps the team together with her love!



Suman is coordinator of our Chandivali branch. She is a dynamic personality, is trusted by our parents and loved by children alike. A multi-tasker team leader and mother of 2, she is a bundle of positive energy.



Priyanka is coordinator of our Powai branch, With 10+ years in Education alongside raising her 2 daughters, Priyanka’s love for children and passion for teaching make her a great team leader and teacher

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What Parents Say

My daughter Rianshi attended Sandbox for only a short couple of months (April & May) but till today those have been the most fun, stimulating months for her. We chose Sandbox not just for their overall holistic & inclusive approach but the positive vibes we would get from the place was amazing. We could see her blooming in Sandbox, becoming more & more confident of the world around her. Each day she would be up & running, ready with her bag, eager to head to her daycare. We felt our child just got to “be” in this place & we loved Sandbox for it. Kudos to the founders, the teachers & the team for their good work!
Indrani Dey
(Mother of Riyanshi, Chandivali branch)
My little one has been going to Sandbox since she was 8 months old.. As any mom I was very anxious about how she will be taken care of.. whether they will be able to meet my expectations..Sandbox’s staff has been a blessing for me.. the best thing I like about the place is that their care is customized based on needs of the little one instead of being the other way around.. the staff is very dedicated.. the place is clean and hygienic.. I get access whenever required.. most of all my little one loves the place and the staff..
Nitu Agrawal
(Mother of Nitara, 3.5 years, Powai Branch)
Both my kids Zayn and Arin were at sandbox for an year. When I had to move out of Mumbai, the only thing I was sad about was that Sandbox does not have a branch in Chennai. My children were really happy at sandbox. They were learning, eating, doing yoga, drawing and my favorite part the story telling sessions. My children loved that place and all the teachers and caretakers. My elder one was so excited about school everyday.
I really appreciate the effort they put in. if you are looking for a place for good all round development and good care , then sandbox is the place to send your kids
Devika Mishra
Designer 4
Sandbox has been our constant support in the past few months while we tried to settle our baby at the daycare.I am also happy that our nanny quit unexpectedly and we had to transition our baby to the full daycare program. We we were worried initially because of her history but this time our baby supported us beautifully. Lot and lot of assurance and confidence boost was from Mansi Teacher who patiently spoke to me over the settling days. Special thanks to Pallavi Didi and Gautami Didi who handled her like their own child. Thanks to all other team members of Sandbox. The teachers- Hita teacher, Neha teacher, Supriya Teacher and the lovely Didi’s- Asha didi, Ankita Didi and Roohini Didi. Each one is amazing in their own way. I can confidently say this as I witnessed their gentle care in handling other children during our settling period.
Lots and lots of gratitude and love to all you guys. You are a dream for every working mother like me. This passion and genuine love for the babies can’t be matched at any other daycare. More power and success coming your way!!
Priya Jain
(Mother of Arika, 18 months, Powai Branch)

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