Illumine for Parents!!

When we were children, we never went to any early learning centers and our parents didn’t have much knowledge of the importance of Early childhood Education. We all studied in a traditional environment and got adapted, the way the school system used to work.

As there was no involvement in technology then, life much relied on manual things, we had to go purchase, run our daily lives and on top of that adding school pressure where parents had to reply in school diaries, wait for updates from children, wait up for fees dates, visit schools for fee payments,, wait for teachers appointments and PTMS to raise concerns about their ward.

With world-changing technology, Illumine has made parent communication easier and build a bridge between parents and schools.

Features in Illumine:

Can you do all this in Whatsapp , email, or diaries ??

Illumine helps not only schools but parents to communicate effectively and keep a track of their child and learning. It keeps the parents updated about their children and help them learn and grow remotely with schools.

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