Daycare helps parents who are busy due to their own reasons to keep their kids in a safe and trustworthy place. The staff and the childcare providers in daycare are experienced and trained to take care of the kids.

There can be many reasons to put the child in daycare. And I personally feel that the child should be introduced to places like daycare for many different reasons.

  1. If you know that you’ll be joining your work back after maternity break or some more years, you should start sending the child to daycare even before you actually join back. It would help the child and you getting comfortable with the schedule and new environment. As both the mother and the child would face separation anxiety for the first few days, it would be a wise decision to join daycare months before you join back in your office. If you still feel worried about whether he has finished his meal or has taken a nap or whether he enjoyed his activities in the daycare, you shall look for a daycare having a childcare app like illumine which helps in providing you a real-time update of your child’s activities.
  2. You should also introduce him to the daycare environment if you stay in a nuclear setup, and need to handle everything on your own. It would give you some time to finish everyday chores and spend me time alone. Remember only a happy mother can raise a happy kid. This will also make sure that you can spend quality time with the kid after he comes back home. This has another advantage that the child will learn and grow more in such a progressive environment. The caretakers in daycare are trained to be a part of the child’s everyday progress.

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